Skin Rejuvenation

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation and the Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

We are pleased to offer Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation, a revolutionary skin treatment using multiple laser wavelengths to reduce pigmentation, broken capillaries and improve overall facial appearance .  This is most often performed on the face and neck, chest hands and legs can be treated as well.

What are the benefits?

Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation is ideal for eliminating a variety of problems including:

  • Age Spots & freckles
  • Cherry Hemangioma
  • Sun Spot
  • Rosacea

How does it work?

Laser light is absorbed by pigmented areas where it is converted to heat, causing a breakup in the pigment. In broken capillaries and spider veins, the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment in the blood and collapses the unwanted vein. The Vascular Specialist at the Vein Institute will analyze your skin condition and help you select the most effective treatment for you.

When will you see results?

Effects are cumulative. After the first treatment you will see improvements to broken capillaries, small facial veins and some pigmented areas within a few days. With each subsequent treatment, subtle changes will accumulate until you have achieved the improvement you desire.

How often can you have it done?

A series of there to six treatments, spaced two to four weeks apart, is our standard recommendation. Occasionally, more treatments may be needed for certain individuals or conditions. Periodic occasional maintenance may be prescribed for optimal, lasting results.

What can you expect immediately post treatment?

Immediately following treatment you may or may not experience some redness, swelling and or a slight darkening of pigmented areas. Any redness or swelling will usually dissipate within one to three days, while darkened pigmentation may persist up to one week. After any treatment, it is important to  apply moisturizer and SPF45 and higher, sunblock and avoid sun exposure.

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