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Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Ambulatory phlebectomy is a minimally-invasive surgical technique performed under local anesthesia at the Vein Institute of New Jersey. This process involves removal of veins through tiny incisions. Incisions are so small that stitches are generally not necessary, and typically leave [...]

Endovenous Laser – VenaCure™

VenaCure™ is a minimally-invasive office based treatment alternative for Closure™ and surgical stripping of the great saphenous vein. Unlike Closure™, a small laser fiber is utilized to close the vein. Once the fiber is positioned correctly and the area around [...]

Laser / Small Vein / Facial Laser

Download our latest eBooks Click on a book to download and get the facts Laser treatment is primarily used in the treatment of the smallest spider veins or broken capillaries in your leg or face. Lasers emit a specific wavelength of high-energy pulsed light, delivered [...]


Sclerotherapy (Injections) Can be Used to Effectively Treat Both varicose Veins and spider Veins Dr. Jonathan Levison: Sclerotherapy Treatments for Spider Veins See More Videos This 20 minute “in office” procedure is convenient, non-invasive, effective and simple. A tiny needle is used to inject the veins [...]

Skin Rejuvenation

We are pleased to offer Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation, a revolutionary skin treatment using multiple laser wavelengths to reduce pigmentation, broken capillaries and improve overall facial appearance .  This is most often performed on the face and neck, chest hands and legs [...]

Compression & Support Hosiery

You can benefit from compression hosiery whether you suffer from tired aching legs because you spend too much time standing or sitting, or suffer from more serious problems like swelling and venous disease. We fit all genders, shapes and sizes [...]

Supportive Measures

Our Patients Have Many Treatment Options, Which Can be Classified as Either Supportive Measures or Corrective Measures The best way to get temporary relief of your symptoms is to maintain an active lifestyle. You’ll want to follow these supportive measures: Elevation: Relax [...]


The VNUS ClosureFAST™ procedure is a minimally invasive ambulatory treatment alternative to surgical stripping of the saphenous vein. A small catheter is inserted, usually through a needle-stick in the skin, into the damaged vein. The catheter delivers radiofrequency energy to [...]

Varithena Foam Sclerosant

Varithena is a new, cutting edge procedure used to treat venous reflux disease, often the underlying cause of painful varicose veins. It uses microfoam that helps to boost the creation of clots and damaged tissue caused by particular forms of [...]

VenaSeal Closure

The VenaSeal system is a newer procedure used to treat venous insufficiency which causes varicose veins. It delivers a small amount of a specially formulated medical adhesive to seal – or close – the diseased vein, rerouting blood to nearby [...]