Vascular Conditions

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About Veins

There are three types of veins that may cause problems… Varicose Veins These are the swollen or stretched veins that protrude from the skin like small sections of rope. Normally, your veins direct oxygen-poor blood back to the heart and lungs to [...]

Bleeding From Leg Veins

When varicose or spider veins are present for many years, they can sometimes erode (push) through the overlying skin, to the point where even the smallest of bumps or other trauma can open them and cause a significant amount of [...]

Breast Veins

If you have visible dark blue veins on your breasts that cause you to feel self-conscious, the vein doctors at the Vein Institute of NJ can quickly, safely and successfully reduce the appearance of your breast veins using sclerotherapy. It is [...]

Discolored “Dark” Leg

Discoloration of a leg occurs when there is long-standing reflux and swelling due to venous stasis for many years, and red blood cells break down under the skin into a brown pigment.  This is accompanied by swelling, scarring of the skin [...]

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a dangerous condition that occurs when a large vein develops a blockage (or a clot.) These tend to occur deep within the leg. These clots can be large enough to cause major damage to the lung(s) [...]

Hand Veins

Sometimes hands appear to age more quickly than the rest of the body. As the delicate skin on a person’s hand becomes thinner and less elastic with age and exposure, veins can push up against the skin becoming more pronounced [...]

Leg Swelling – Edema

A number of different conditions can produce swelling of one or both legs.  All are important to treat to make a patient feel better, but the underlying reason or reasons for the condition must be addressed during a sequence of [...]

Leg Ulcers – Sores

Ulcers are breakdown of the skin, which occurs from long-standing venous stasis which is under treated.  These sores can be very difficult to heal and can be very painful and disabling.  At the Vein Institute, we strive to prevent them, [...]

Spider Veins

Spider veins (“Telangiectasia”) are very small vein in the skin itself, and get their name from their resemblance to spider legs. They can be unsightly and in some cases, when present for a long time, can bleed when bumped against things. [...]

Varicose Veins

Itchy Veins – Painful Veins These are veins that protrude above the skin surface, and are usually caused by venous-reflux and venous hypertension.  These varicose veins can produce pain in the leg or itching of the overlying skin, cause skin irritation (redness) and [...]

Venous Reflux (“insufficiency”)

Venous reflux is caused by pooling of blood in the legs under pressure due to venous valves that do not work correctly.  Over time, this can cause leg pain, swelling, discoloration (darkening of the skin), ulcers (sores), scarring of the skin, [...]