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The Importance of Elevating Your Legs

When you’re lying down in bed or on the couch watching television, are your legs straight out in front of you? If so, you’re adding pressure to your legs and, maybe,  making your leg veins worse. After a long day of sitting at the computer, too much standing, and even wearing tight-fitting clothing or shapers, […]

How to Get Rid of Breast Veins

Your breasts are beautiful no matter what size they are, from small and perky to lusciously large. A great bra can give you the lift that nature’s reduced a bit, and you appreciate your breasts’ health more and more these days, as you take great care of them through regular self-exams and keeping your mammogram […]

Are Your Hands Making You Look Old?

If your efforts to ‘look young’ are concentrated on nightly deep-cleansing of your face, applying moisturizing masques and night creams and eye gels, take a look at the hands that are applying  those “fountain of youth” products. Your hands might be adding years to your age, with unsightly blue and bulging veins on the backs […]

How to Protect your Veins During Travel

No one likes being crammed into an economy class airplane seat, especially for a long trip, but there’s a greater danger than trying to keep calm during turbulence. Varicose veins can be irritated during long air travel, and blood clots can develop in the vein system of the lower legs. That can put you in […]